It's your journey. We're simply the driver.


All of our clients are different. They each have a unique story to tell. Here, a selection share how they started working with us, why they would recommend us, and most importantly how we have helped them.

Penny and I found Cooper Parry Wealth were a much better fit for us. They were so transparent, their people were personable, the whole approach was clear and after two years it’s still the same.

Craig and Penny


... that’s what Cooper Parry Wealth do so well. It saves me time and gives me the peace of mind that if anything were to ever happen to me, Theresa would know everything’s in place. All she’d have to do is make a phone call.

John and Theresa


I’ve watched Cooper Parry Wealth transform their business and proposition. They’ve gone from being our noisy neighbours to a fast-growing, different, exciting business.

Mike and Julie