Launching and growing your own company is as exciting a journey as any in the professional world.

Hard work, creativity and shrewd hires can get things off the ground, but it’s financial savviness that’s core to maintaining your company’s success and growing your personal wealth.

With fluctuating income, high levels of uncertainty, an appetite for risk and a role that often blurs the lines between your balance sheet and personal bank account, founders have unique financial planning needs.

What’s more, they’re time poor, and the numbers they’re dealing with can be complex.

At Cooper Parry, we combine financial planning with tax, accountancy and structuring expertise, building a connected team around you to help with any decision involving a pound sign.



We’ll help you to focus on yourself – understanding your own costs, your own numbers, and how to take a long-term view and separate those from the financials of your business.

We’ll find out what matters the most to you – the things you truly value. Then, we’ll help you pinpoint where you are now, find your blind spots, and put in place a suitable structure to support you. Sometimes this might be as simple as a conversation around effective budgetary or cash management systems to get you where you want to be and other times it will be setting up your own private office.

We’ll put together a personalised, individual financial plan, designed to keep you on track, hold you accountable for your goals, and evolve with your journey.



We know a traditional financial planning approach isn’t enough to support founders. Your personal and business finances are too intertwined.

That’s why we build a team around you that can advise on all your company’s numbers, as well as your own.

We’ll help you plan for every business scenario, from roaring success to a lack of it. We’ll connect you with the right people to supercharge your journey – people who understand your situation first hand – and be your sounding board whenever finance is in the conversation.

We’re experts in tax, fundraising, pre-exit and post-exit planning, and structuring your company. So, whatever stage you’re at, we’ll help you strip back the stresses of founder life and plot out your ideal future on all fronts.


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