Raw talent, stage presence, loyal fans and clever marketing can propel musicians into the limelight. But it’s specialised financial planning that guarantees a long, successful career.

Often, all the focus is on the music, the creative process, or the structure of the companies they’re involved with.

There’s no focus on the musician as an individual. No focus on their ideal lifestyle. And no focus on how to make sure they’re financially stable forever.

As income ebbs and flows with popularity and success and streaming platforms grow in influence, it’s impossible to predict the industry’s future and how musicians will be compensated for their music.

That’s why creating a proper financial plan and making sensible financial decisions today is one of the most effective ways to put the power back in musicians’ hands, so they can be the masters of their own financial destiny.


At Cooper Parry Wealth, we work closely with DJs, producers, singers, songwriters, bands, solo artists and their management teams, providing financial planning advice that focuses on you, your career, and what you want to achieve in life.

We’ll help you map out your ideal life, both now and in the future, setting realistic financial goals and building healthy financial habits to turn that into a reality.

That includes creating a budget based on your variable income streams, tax planning to take advantage of all the available tax breaks, and planning for life after music. We’ll also help you to manage risk and navigate the industry’s unique implications, structure your investments effectively and create a long-lasting financial legacy.

Plus, if you have a major career event on the horizon, like a new album release, the sale of a back catalogue, signing to a new label or starting a business outside of music, we have extensive experience in supporting musicians through those too.


We know the financial planning profession isn’t set up to meet the unique needs and challenges of those working in the music sector.

We’re immersed in the music world. We’re passionate about its performers. And we have a comprehensive understanding of what effective financial planning looks like in the space, working collaboratively with artists’ management teams to guarantee long-term financial stability.


We recently put out a guide on catalogue sales called ‘Selling Sounds.’ If you’re an artist or manager looking to explore your options, enter your details below to read the guide.

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