Mar 8, 2019 | MARIE SMITH

Invest like wonder woman

Wonder Woman, the only female member of the Justice League, matches her male counterparts in speed, strength and ability to take down the latest threat to mankind when she needs to! Interestingly, she’s also more likely to be a better investor than her male colleagues!

It’s International Women’s Day and we’re taking a look at the research behind why women are better investors than men.

In a study by The Warwick Business School that tracked investors’ performance over a three year period, women outperformed men at investing by 1.8%1. They were found to take a more long-term approach to investing and traded less than men each year.

Nervous or tactical?

We usually find that women are more nervous about investing than men and want to adopt a lower risk approach when it comes to their financial plan. This supports the findings of the study that showed women are drawn to shares that have a good track record whereas men are interested in more speculative stocks.

Our advice is always tailored individually when it comes to someone’s appetite for risk and we fully support taking a long-term approach.

‘Keep costs low’, ‘control your emotions’ and ‘think long-term’ are all messages that form part of our six guiding investment principles which you can find out more about here.

Save, save, save!

Further research by Fidelity found that women are better savers than men, putting away 0.4% more than their male counterparts each year – this may not seem like a significant percentage but over a lifetime of saving and investing this money will make a drastic difference2.

Remember the evidence

Just like Wonder Woman herself, you may often find that the financial services industry is dominated by men. Don’t let this sway your approach to investing; take a leaf out of the book of women across the land and don’t forget – save more upfront, invest for the long-term, stay disciplined and always #MAKELIFECOUNT

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