Jul 28, 2020 | EMILY BAKER-GAUNT

Is mediocre good enough for you?

Recently I’ve been listening to an audio book called ‘Wild Thinking’, it discusses lots of unconventional approaches to growing a business and I wanted to share it with you. I’m Emily, Marketing Manager at CPW and in my couple of years with the business I haven’t been on this side of the blogs page – as part of my role I’m usually prepping content and getting it in to your inboxes!

One of the interviews in the book really stood out to me – a conversation with John Allert, Director and former Chief Marketing Officer at McLaren.

Allert is being asked about whether having an arch nemesis can drive positive growth within your business. Not an unusual concept…

Apple vs. Samsung
Pepsi vs. Coke
McDonalds vs. Burger King

You get the idea. I’m not a car fanatic but even I presumed McLaren would be gunning for the likes of Ferrari. They’re described as the ying and yang of the racing world and a bit of healthy competition can go a long way – especially on the track.

Instead Allert explains that whilst the list of potential competitors is long and full of fierce, Ferrari-like brands, there’s a bigger force driving performance at McLaren.

It’s the fear of letting themselves or their brand down, a fear of faults, average performance – what Allert describes as an ‘allergy to mediocrity’.

I can’t stop thinking about that. There is so much of that concept that we can relate to as people and consumers.

Do many of us settle for average because we don’t know what awesome looks like? Do we even know we’re doing it?

Why should you care?

One simple reason – we only live once! Average in any area of your life just isn’t enough. If the world has shown us anything in recent months, it’s that life can be short.

McLaren pay attention to detail, focus on structure, quality, ambition, and a relentless desire to better themselves. Imagine if we all did that for ourselves, in all areas of our lives?

What’s my point?

Don’t let yourself become unaware of what else is out there – from food, fitness and fun to financial advice. I think it’s safe to say our clients will vouch for us when we say it’s worth taking a moment to challenge what’s best for you, your loved ones and your long-term happiness.

It’s been a funny few months and we’ve been trying to help you find reassurance through evidence and historical data but now could be a good time to think about the future.

Start questioning what’s important to you, make sure your set up is serving you and don’t let mediocrity become your master.

It’s what we’re doing, challenging what is best for our clients and our team, innovating the way we work and how easy we are to do business with – watch out for updates in the coming weeks.

Confront conformity – either in your personal life or your business – and check out Wild Thinking by Nick Liddell and Richard Buchanan here.

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