Nov 26, 2020 | EMILY BAKER-GAUNT

CPW named Best Adviser Firm in the UK!

10 years ago we decided to rip up the rule book – the traditional wealth management model was broken and we wanted to do things differently. Now, in 2020, we’ve been named International Advisers Best Adviser Firm in the UK. Not only that, we’ve bagged the Excellence in Marketing award as well!

We’re absolutely delighted to have won both awards after entering for the first time, here’s what our CEO Stephen Jones had to say:

“It’s been an unusual year as we all know, but it does make the recognition from both of these wins all the more rewarding. The team at CPW always rise to a challenge and we’ve never feared change! I know they’ve all taken great pleasure in supporting our clients throughout the pandemic and continue to do so. I am really excited to see what 2021 has in store and would like to thank all of our amazing clients for continuing on this journey with us.”

Here’s a bit more about each of the awards…

Best Adviser Firm 

For this award we were able to showcase our story – 10 years of fast growth, award wins and most importantly an unwavering focus on putting our clients first.

We covered everything from the innovative way we present financial plans to our purpose built, digital platform that provides each client with a unique onboarding experience.

Our culture has always been laser focussed on five key areas – be brave, keep learning, be nice, in it together and play all in. Every member of our team embodies these values and it’s this that enables us to push forward in so many different areas, from technology to client experience.

We always want to better ourselves – for our clients and each other. But we will admit it’s great to take a moment to recognise how far we’ve come, how strong our strategy is and our commitment to our client centric approach.

Excellence in Marketing

We’ve always loved open and honest lines of communication with our clients and 2020 has only elevated how we use different marketing channels to support clients and investors alike.

Our submission for this award spoke about how, by doubling the amount of blogs going out, we were able to stay on top of the headlines and try to help investors – clients or otherwise – stay calm in the face of market volatility.

For those that aren’t clients of CPW we also created a COVID19 support space on our website – pulling together useful tips, common concerns and all of our blog content in one place.

Alongside talking about our communication strategy we demonstrated the power of our bold branding, our in depth content that covers topics such as how to sell a business and our investment philosophy plus our focus on creating different types of content – from video to podcasts.

We hope you will all join us in raising a virtual glass to the CPW team in celebration of these award wins!


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