Politics, elections, and stock market returns

We’re fast approaching the next US Presidential election which will take place in November. Can we take anymore twists and turns in 2020?

Whatever the result you might be wondering whether this political event will have an impact on stock market returns and your investments.

Elections can have an impact on the stock markets and Trump hasn’t shied away from talking up the impact he’s supposedly had on markets in his infamous twitter feed.

We’ve blogged about political events over the years and once again, over the coming couple of months, media headlines will be rife with speculation on the future.

So, this week we wanted to share a couple of content pieces to help put things in perspective…

WATCH this succinct video from Dimensional Fund Advisers where they discuss how presidential elections have impacted markets previously (2.5 minute watch):

READ our blog about when Boris took the reins helping you understand historical events and how you can use them to put future changes into context (3 minute read):

Conclusion – many things, some known and some unknown, impact stock market returns. Politics can have an impact but there’s no correlation between who’s in power in the UK, US or any other country and what future returns will be. Instead, taking the long-term view will reward you for bearing the risk of the stock markets.

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