Jun 25, 2020 | EWAN ROSIE

Market giants – all you need to know

In recent weeks media noise has perhaps been louder than usual, that’s why we keep reiterating messages about stock markets, stock picking and fighting those urges to waiver from your long-term investment path.

The latest headlines might have you worrying about the influence of the big players at the top of the US stock markets – the so called FAANG stocks.

That stands for Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google. I think we can all safely say we’ve heard of these brands!

Whilst the names at the top of the stock market change over time, the current dominance of a number of companies is not unusual and it certainly isn’t unprecedented. Once again we turn to the evidence to put all of this into perspective.

Dimensional Fund Advisors use financial science to turn compelling research in to accessible investment solutions. They work with financial planning firms across the globe and are fuelled by evidence – just like us. They’ve written a great blog, that we wanted to share with you, about why the giants currently topping the stock markets aren’t as special as the media might have you believe. Click below to check it out.


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