Craig founded his company in 1994. Its five unique, creative businesses make up one of the country’s leading establishments for film, music, gaming, and much more.

Cooper Parry had been the company’s accountants for some years. When Craig and Penny received an offer to buy the business their Relationship Partner introduced Craig to us.

“We were already in touch with other wealth management firms – some of the larger ones.

“Then, Andrew recommended Cooper Parry Wealth. So we asked for proposals from all of the firms we were talking to. It meant we could do a direct comparison.”

“Transparent”, “personable” and “clear”

“Penny and I found Cooper Parry Wealth were a much better fit for us. They were so transparent, their people were personable, the whole approach was clear and after two years it’s still the same. Presentations are always nicely pitched, there’s no jargon, it’s very straight-forward and understandable.

“They were certainly competitive on fees too, even though price wasn’t everything to us. In proposals from the larger firms, we’d found there were fees buried everywhere. And there were lots of penalties mentioned for doing certain things at certain times. Again, this comes back to the transparency we’d found with Cooper Parry Wealth.”

“Flexible to work with”

“The team are always very flexible to work with. We’ve just been working on a house extension and we needed to withdraw some money. It’s been easy to do and I think it would have been much trickier elsewhere.

“They have good, knowledgeable people. I have a regular Wealth Planner in Ewan but I know I can call on any of the team I’ve met before. There’s always someone to talk to. The level of contact is just right.

“I’m quite techy, so late at night even when there isn’t someone to talk to, you might find me checking the online client portal to see how things are going.”

“Trust is a big thing for me”

“On the investment side of things, I leave it entirely to Cooper Parry Wealth. I trust what Stephen and Ewan are saying. Trust is a big thing for me.

“It’s a different world that we’re investing in these days – what with Brexit and Donald Trump. But I’m confident in our future and how they are looking after our investments.

“We have two children and Penny and I are both busy with work, I’m still CEO and she’s Director of the film company. But working with Stephen, Ewan and the Cooper Parry Wealth team gives us that peace of mind we were looking for.”