Go back to 2005. For John and Theresa, life was changing. Following a series of big city appointments, John would soon be named Group Finance Director for a multinational business.

“The company I previously worked for was sold and I came into some money. But what do I do with it? Where should I start?

“That’s when I first found Jonathan.”

Lots of our clients go through similar circumstances and ask themselves these same questions. Looking for answers, John turned to Jonathan Elsigood, now a Partner at Cooper Parry Wealth.

“Close relationship”

“I’ve known Jonathan for years now and we have a close relationship. What’s comforting is that he knows all about me, my wife Theresa, and our circumstances.

“When we talk, I know I can chat about anything, whether that be tax, investments, pensions, my interests… anything.”

“Unique investment philosophy”

Whereas some clients step back and leave us to it, John takes a keen interest in how we manage his investments and particularly in PortfolioScience™.

“Cooper Parry Wealth have a unique investment philosophy. They aren’t out there trying to be active fund managers, trying to pick the best investments. They use index tracker funds which is a philosophy I believe in. It’s a very attractive proposition.”

“Joined-up advice”

Today, John is a Chairman and Non-Executive Director for several businesses. He and Theresa both know they have a dedicated team of financial planning experts making sure their wealth works for them. But rather than lots of advice coming from lots of different places, they have just one point of contact.

“… that’s what Cooper Parry Wealth do so well. It saves me time and gives me the peace of mind that if anything were to ever happen to me, Theresa would know everything’s in place. All she’d have to do is make a phone call.”