Phil describes himself as ‘unconventional’ and has been non-stop in business since leaving university. He has a long-standing relationship with Cooper Parry Wealth CEO, Stephen Jones, but began to think about money when he exited the business he’d built in 2007.

“I nearly lost my life – this changes things”

“In 2005 I nearly lost my life and spent a week in Intensive Care in septic shock. Since then I have taken on many non-executive roles in businesses and charities but my appetite to risk remains unusual – David, my adviser, will confirm that! Cooper Parry Wealth have always listened to me and what I want, their advice is tailored entirely around this which is very important to me”.

“Innovative and pushing forward in the digital arena”

“The way Cooper Parry Wealth carry out their work and present their information is innovative. They’re constantly working at pushing forward in the digital arena, which is surprisingly unusual in this sector.

“I don’t have time to deal with the financial side of things properly and I’m not a professional, David is and I get on with him, he understands me. I don’t want to be in a standard portfolio; I have different views on life and from the beginning this has been reflected in the choices I make about my money”.

“They’re ahead of the game”

“The reports I receive focus on my personal goals, how I can achieve them and what Cooper Parry Wealth are doing to help me get there. All of this is articulated well, and I believe they are ahead of the game in terms of their processes and the tools they use.

“For me it’s about the people, their competitive edge and their desire to evolve – I don’t plan on slowing down and I expect my financial adviser to keep up”.