Rick and Clare have been clients since 2013, over the years they’ve built a strong relationship with Cooper Parry Wealth and since Rick sold his business the couple have focused on living life to the full.

Having retired from an exciting and fast paced career in the biomedical technology sector, Rick was looking for reassurance around his finances and needed clear forecasting – planning for potential changes in circumstances was key for the couple.

“We needed someone we could rely on”

“Living with illness isn’t cheap and this is something we needed to consider when it came to our finances, we were seeking reassurance and our adviser has always given that to us. 2017 was particularly stressful for us and despite being focused on an operation it was good to know our finances were being looked after.

“Our adviser, Pete Brewill, is reliable and friendly, we get along and he puts a lot of effort in to making sure he understands our personal situation. He’s always encouraging us to enjoy the money we worked hard to earn!

“We have enjoyed cruises, trips to Disneyland and helped with the children’s weddings – it feels great to be so in control of our money that we know we can afford to do this whilst maintaining our standard of living and saving for the future.”

“We don’t have to make guesses about our money”

“The tools Cooper Parry Wealth use are fantastic, we can see exactly how much money we have, where it’s coming from and how much we need going forward. There’s no guessing when it comes to what might happen in the future, they show us how our financial situation might change by forecasting under different circumstances, such as an extra holiday or more care as we get older – they’ve got it covered.”

“We’re very involved in our finances and like to understand the detail, Pete works with us to ensure we’re on track each year. We couldn’t be happier with the service”.