Client Services Associate

I’ve been in Financial Services for 12 years and am enthused by client motivations, I absolutely love playing a part in assisting clients achieve their goals. The daily challenges and ever-changing industry provide variety and allows for one to never stand still… an exciting place to be. Working at CPW where clients and its people are at the centre of everything that they do truly makes coming to work a joy! 😊

What’s top of your bucket list?
I’d love to be able to play the guitar – the closest I’ve been to playing is when I was in the steel band and played the “guitar” drum. I want to complete the Trevor McDonald inspired trip and complete the journey across the Mississippi river – from Mexico to Minnesota as well travel in the Canadian sleeper train… from Vancouver to Toronto.

What did you want to be when you were a child?
Police Officer… not sure why!!

Best box set to binge-watch?
Friends. Prison Break is always on replay too!

Which song gets you on the dancefloor?
It depends on the dancefloor… Saturday Night (dance routine going through my head as I write this) but love a 90’s pop song also… Mundiyan to Bachke!!!

Call:  01332 411 163

Email:  fatimas@COOPERPARRY.COM