Ian O'Connor Profile Circle


Relationship Director

My focus is on getting to know my clients really well, to understand their needs and goals in life, and to plan together to ensure that everything turns out as they’d like. Our financial planning process is a visionary service that quite literally brings our clients’ financial future into the present, thereby giving them the time and the luxury to do something about it! That is the power of real financial and lifestyle planning, and why we wouldn’t do it any other way!

What’s top of your bucket list?
To ski at least twice a year, for as long as possible, whilst my knees hold up! To visit lots of different European cities, and to travel to Sri Lanka and the Far East.

What did you want to be when you were a child?
It was to be a 1960s Train Guard, in the days of manually operated, loudly swinging, train carriage doors! I used to stand on the bottom step of the stairs in my parents’ house, swinging around the banister, and shouting ‘away we go driver!’. I suppose, in a funny kind of way, I still like to keep my clients on track!

Best box set to binge-watch?
I’ve never been very good at sitting down for very long! I’ve always enjoyed playing sport, rather than watching it for example; but maybe now I’m more accepting that watching football, tennis and rugby is more realistic! It’s skiing and golf for me now (and maybe an Andrew Marr historical box set if I should need a little sit down)!

Which song gets you on the dancefloor?
Definitely, Robyn S, Show Me Love! And a very close second would be Jessie J, Price Tag, and that’s because it’s not all about the money, money, money!

Call:  01732 369966

Email:  ian.oconnor@cooperparry.com