Technology & Process Manager

From University I knew I wanted to work in financial planning, and I’ve been at Cooper Parry ever since. Managing our Client Delivery teams means I’m able to lead them to provide first class support to our Relationship Managers but above all to our clients. I love the variety of my role; there’s no typical week as each day brings a new opportunity.

What’s top of your bucket list?
I achieved a goal to visit 30 countries before 30. Now it’s 50 countries by age 40. I also want to do a bungee jump having been sky diving in NZ.

What did you want to be when you were a child?
An air-hostess, so not surprising I’ve grown up with an obsession to travel!

Best box set to binge-watch?
I don’t watch much tv! Embarrassingly when I do, I get drawn into ‘trash tv.’ Yes, I did watch every episode of Love Island!

Which song gets you on the dancefloor?
After a few drinks pretty much anything! I’m particularly partial to a bit of 80’s.

Call:  07814 171 110