Jul 4, 2022 | STEPHEN JONES


After many months of planning, we’re delighted to announce that Cooper Parry Wealth has just partnered with Waterland Private Equity. Some of you may have seen it in the national press.

In true CP style, this means we’ll turbocharge our disruption of the UK wealth management and financial planning markets.  

Let’s be honest, we’ve always been ambitious at Cooper Parry Wealth.

We’ve also always believed there’s a different way to look at wealth management. 500% growth in 8 years would suggest our fast-growing number of clients agree. Now we have investment from Waterland we’re targeting five-fold growth in the next five years. We’ll do this through a combination of organic growth, strategic acquisitions and key hires.

This partnership further strengthens the aspects of CPW that set us apart from our competition (and made us attractive to Waterland in the first place). Things like our client-first approach, positive culture, brilliant people and a rebellious attitude.

CPW’s CEO, Stephen Jones, commented: “This deal just feels right. It’s the right time to help us turn our ambitious vision into reality. It’s the right fit with a business who bought into this vision. And, frankly, it’s going to accelerate our journey on our chosen direction of travel. Unashamedly we want to become #1 and with Waterland’s investment, we’ll be able to give our growth strategy powerful new impetus. At the centre of it all, is our fast-growing and talented team. Our corporate DNA is to ‘disrupt, lead and make life count’ – and our people put that attitude at the heart of every client conversation they have. Our vision is based on a five-year journey. This deal has to be the best possible start. Personally, I can’t wait to see this unfold.”

Waterland’s substantial investment will help us accelerate our use of technology. As ever, we’ll continue to focus on our client experience. We’re also going to drive growth across new and existing opportunities and markets.

But what does this mean to our clients and people?

Well, only good things because day-to-day, its award-winning business as usual.

The full Cooper Parry Wealth Leadership team and all 6 Partners remain in place, led by Stephen Jones and the full team’s 100% commitment to the business.

The fit with Waterland works a treat too. They specialise in enabling entrepreneurial businesses to expand in their home markets and across Europe. Other professional services businesses recently backed by Waterland include Moore Belgium, the mid-market accountancy business, Horn & Company, Sideshow Group and IMC Group.

Under the terms of the deal, which remain subject to regulatory approvals, Waterland will become a significant shareholder with the CP Partners retaining a substantial equity stake.


At Cooper Parry Wealth, we share a vision to grow five-fold in five years. This deal will help turn the vision into awesome reality.

Without compromising anything.

Or changing what our clients and people love most.

So, it’s business as usual.

Just cranked up a whole load of notches.


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