Cooper Parry can advise on all matters associated with both the creation and the ongoing management of Trusts.

Trusts can provide the facility to move wealth between generations and can also to help mitigate taxes.

They can offer significant asset protection opportunities, enabling you to retain a much greater degree of control over your wealth, than outright gifts. They can also be a useful vehicle to help educate future generations about managing the family wealth.



We have lots of experience in dealing with Trusts and their complexities. Our highly experienced team are able to offer assistance and advice throughout the setup, as well as the ongoing administration and investment of Trust funds.

We’re able to help you to decide on the best type of Trust to suit your requirements as well as the tax treatment of that Trust.

We can also review the investments held within your existing Trust to advise if they are suitable for the beneficiaries needs.

Our Trust Service is suitable for anyone looking to set up a Trust, or someone who has an existing Trust and would benefit from a review and ongoing management.


Take a look, and if it sparks any thoughts, questions or otherwise, how about an informal chat?

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