Feeling wanderlust? Let’s talk dream trips

If money was no object, where would your dream trip be?

With holiday season upon us and restrictions gradually lifting around the globe, we asked some of the Cooper Parry Wealth team to think big about Making Life Count and tell us all about their dream getaway.

So, check out our fab four’s answers below, start picturing where your dream trip would be, or get in touch with the guys and share some travel tips of your own.

Simon Williams, Relationship Director  

“Top of my list would have to be a trip to Japan with my two children, Max and Ada. We love all things gaming, electronics, clothing and culture, and there’s nowhere in the world that does it quite like the Japanese.

“Location-wise, I’d love to experience the bustling city life of Tokyo and the stunning scenery of Mount Fuji, with a few bullet train journeys thrown in for good measure.”

Rebecca Batterham, Senior Client Services Associate

“Having spent a couple of weeks years ago travelling across some of Canada in a motorhome, I’d really love to go back and do the Trans Canada train journey – but in lots of small stages so I could stop off and really explore all the amazing bits!

“Even in the couple of weeks that I spent there before, there was such a massive amount of diversity and so much to see. So, I’d have to commit a good few months to doing it properly.

“I’d take my boyfriend with me, and my almost 18-year-old is talking about moving to Canada after university, so I’d definitely take him to give him a taste of the lifestyle and share the adventure.”

Sonal Amlani, Senior Paraplanner

“There are two trips on my dream bucket list – both of which we had organised, only for them to be put on ice by the pandemic.

“My husband and I had planned a trip around South America, visiting the Galapagos, Machu Picchu, and the salt flats before spending New Years in Brazil.

“Then, to celebrate my mum’s 65th birthday last year, we booked a trip to Tanzania to do the Serengeti safari, via Dubai. A lot of memories could have been made, but I’m hopeful we’ll get another chance in the future.”

Marie Smith, Relationship Director

“I’d love to go diving with sharks at Guadalupe Island. It’s the best Great White Shark cage diving location on the planet, just off the west coast of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula.

“I’d take my other half along for the ride as he’s obsessed with sharks, he’s my dive buddy and we love the ocean!”

Can we help you reach your dream destination?

At Cooper Parry Wealth, we get to know our clients, build a detailed picture of their ideal life, and then work with them to turn that into a reality so they can Make Life Count.

So, if you’ve got an exotic trip on the agenda – or any other dreams for that matter – we’d love to chat.

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