Nov 4, 2019 | STEPHEN JONES

10 awesome moments across 10 months

Dare we say it? The ‘C’ word is on the tip of our tongue now that November has landed! We’re talking about Christmas of course! As the end of the calendar year approaches we’re taking a look at our 2019 highlights. 10 awesome moments across 10 months…

  1. January saw us land in the South West of the country! Simon Williams joined the team to head up our Bristol office – and we’re loving working with the amazing people in this area!
  2. In February we launched our new way of presenting financial plans – it’s easy to digest and, most importantly, equally as informative as its lengthy predecessor. All on one piece of paper.
  3. Opening one new office just wasn’t enough so we marched our way into the big smoke in the third month of the year opening a Cooper Parry office in the Moorgate area of the city.
  4. In April we celebrated the fact we now look after over half a billion of assets for our brilliant clients – the heart and soul of our business.
  5. In May we mixed it up. Our brand has always been cool, but we catapulted it to the next level with our vibrant and energetic new style!
  6. June was the month we opened our newly refurbished Sky View office – a refreshed and relaxed  space with some amazing new meeting rooms to make sure our clients feel at home.
  7. Every year we take the team out for the day to have some fun. This July we headed to the Peak District to take part in HUNTED! We spent the day searching for golden tokens whilst avoiding being caught by the hunters.
  8. In August we were thrilled to find out clients described our team as ‘excellent’ following an extensive survey about client experience. We jump at the chance to gather feedback and have taken all the comments very seriously, enjoying the chance to learn from everything our clients tell us. One of our highlights was the comment about our unlimited biscuit supply!
  9. September saw us close our doors for the day and head out to volunteer in the community. We did everything from beach cleaning to helping feed the homeless.
  10. October marked the launch of HUBCP – a community for entrepreneurs across the land. Made up of workshops, masterclasses, webinars and so much more! We are working with Cooper Parry to create the best go-to platform for the rebels of businesses up and down the country.

It’s safe to say we don’t stand still at CPW! Thank you to everyone who is on this journey with us!


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