how we’re different

we focus on you and your ambitions

Every business will tell you they’re different. The private banks talk about their heritage and their global resources. Traditional stockbrokers will tell you how they can find you the best investments. And financial advisers shout about how they have more technical qualifications than everyone else. But there’s one thing they don’t like talking about…


We believe the traditional wealth management model is broken. It’s focussed on products, not what they can help you achieve. And it’s serving the needs of those selling these products, rather than those investing in them. Sure, you’ll want to know what to invest in. But will that mean you can spend more time with your family? Will it stop you worrying and make it easier to sleep at night? Will it help you enjoy the retirement you really want? We’ll have a relationship with you, not your money.


10 years ago, we made a decision to do things differently. To break the mould. To be the best at what we do. We scrapped the traditional model and created a new proposition. One that helps our clients achieve the things that matter most to them. What we’ve created is frighteningly simple but it works. We want our clients to make life count.


So where are we now, 10 years later? We’re one of the leading and fastest growing financial planning firms in the UK. We’ve won numerous awards and we’re a long way towards our ambition of being number one.

the 3 things that make us different

We focus on you

When everyone else would be talking to you about products and investment ideas, we’ll be building a genuine understanding of you and your bigger picture.

We’ll ask what money really means to you. How you want it to affect your family. We’ll explore your ideal lifestyle and how you want to spend your time. We’ll want to know what worries you and even what’s on your bucket list. From there we’ll build you a plan that takes all of this into account.

We call this our top-down approach. You first. Planning second. Products last.

Joined up advice

Most other wealth managers can only advise you on investment products. Typically they can’t give you advice on all the other stuff, like tax or wills. You can end up speaking to lots of different firms, which can lead to mistakes and extra costs.

With us, you’ll have a wealth manager who’ll lead and coordinate an in-house team. They’ll be specialists in minimising taxes, estate planning or business advice.

Everything we do will be completely joined-up and you’ll have one point of contact.

An investment approach that works

The surprising truth is that most people don’t invest as well as they could.

PortfolioScience is our way of investing that’s based on Nobel Prize winning research, academic evidence and most importantly, common sense. It’s about doing a few simple things exceptionally well.

It’s built around our six principles of successful investing. It works and significant research proves it.

We’ve got a track record to back it up too.