When business leaders bring their personal financial worries to work, it detracts from their focus and impacts negatively on business performance.

Sleepless nights are spent thinking about the pile of financial papers on the desk at home, days spent carrying them backwards and forwards to the office, but never finding the time or energy to tick them off the list.

A lack of knowledge and access to trustworthy expertise means important decisions are put off or mistakes are made.

All of this can divert the attention of your business leaders meaning the business suffers, directly impacting the bottom line.

Typical concerns and challenges facing business owners and senior execs can include:

What if there was a solution, tailored specifically to the needs of your individual business and the needs of its leaders? Well, Cooper Parry Wealth have developed Financial Education for Business Leaders.

It gives access to expertise in all areas of personal financial planning, tax and wealth management delivered with a full understanding of your business’s specific pay and reward structures.

The benefits are:

We’ve developed a structured 3D process to make sure the programme has maximum impact in your business:


This is where we’ll explore the specific challenges of your business and its leaders. We’ll make sure we understand your remuneration and rewards structures, employee benefits, future plans and ambitions. We’ll also make sure that we understand what your business leaders need to get out of the programme.


We’ll go away and create a tailored programme based on the information gathered in our discovery. This reduces any time commitment from you and your team and maximises the impact that we will have on the day or at the individual sessions.


Our programme is delivered by experts who are experienced at working with corporate clients, CEOs, executives and senior employees. We have a robust framework to ensure we cover all of your needs but sufficient flexibility to accommodate individual issues.


Example Delivery options:

Broadly these fall into three areas, though a combination can be very effective.

Potential subject matters for group presentations:

• Bigger Picture Advice; how to understand your bigger picture and why this is the most important thing. What does money really mean to you and your family? How do you want wealth to affect you? What does your ideal lifestyle in retirement look like and what does it cost? What’s on your bucket list?

• Financial planning structure; how to create a financial plan that helps you achieve your bigger picture. Do you know ‘your number’?

• Tax minimisation; how to make sure you aren’t paying more than you need to. Efficiency is the name of the game.

• Investment; what does the evidence suggest gives you the best chance of having a successful investment experience?

• Risk management; making sure you and your family are protected against the unknown.

• Creating a legacy; how can you look after those who are important to you in the event of your death.

• Pension planning; covering specific company pension scheme planning, Lifetime Allowance and Annual Allowance planning and defined benefit pension schemes.


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Simon brings over 10 years of experience in designing and delivering Financial Education programmes for many household names and FTSE 100 companies. He’s seen the impact of a successful financial education strategy on these individuals and businesses, as well as the cost of not taking action.

Simon is an expert in working with human resources, finance and external advice teams to discover the most important issues facing business leaders, often working with the most complicated and confidential of issues.

“It’s now time to combine my experience with Cooper Parry Wealth’s unique approach to create something special for your business. You have the ability to improve the financial wellbeing of your team and allow your business to thrive – let’s get started”

He has an absolute passion for understanding the challenges individuals face, creating an environment that enables them to reflect upon what matters most, and delivering clear action points to help reach their goals.