Women are set to control a higher proportion of the world’s wealth over the coming years.

There are more women in the workplace, more women starting and leading businesses, and more women taking on the role of the main breadwinner in their household than ever before.

And while female leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals experience the same challenges as their male counterparts, they also have the added likelihood – and pressure – of family caring responsibilities. Commitments that sap time and, sadly, can even tarnish how they’re viewed as leaders.

Why, then, is the wealth management profession traditionally skewed towards approaching and communicating with men, without fully appreciating or understanding the specific needs of women?

One thing’s clear: it’s time to flip the script. It’s time to level the playing field. And it’s time for the financial planning community to show females that we’re listening, and we’re ready to help you shape the lifestyle you want.

At Cooper Parry Wealth, we launched the Female Leaders movement and put together this guide to be part of that change, laying out key considerations, investment principles and planning opportunities in an engaging, relevant, female-centric way.


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