May 19, 2020 | STEPHEN JONES

Staying home highlights!

We’re fast approaching another bank holiday weekend in lockdown and this week I’ve asked the team to come together and share some of their staying home highlights with you – we hope there’s something here to keep you entertained over the next few days…

 Read: I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

What? Suggested by Client Services Associate, Rebecca Batterham this is a gripping read about one man’s race to save America from oblivion – full of plot twists and nonstop suspense – this one came highly recommended by a few in the team. 

 Read: Solve for Happy by Mo Gawdat

What? Our Portfolio Team Manager, Marc Patterson-Mik, has been reading this book written by a top Google exec, it’s all about creating and maintaining happiness. Following a significant loss in his life, Mo set the aim of making 10 million people happy – this book is the result of that goal.

 Read: The Art of Living by Sharon Lebell

What? Paraplanner, Codie Smith, has recommended this read with 93 witty and razor-sharp instructions that help readers face the challenges of every day life head on – navigating the inevitable losses and disappointments along the way.

 Read: Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday

What? Suggested by Client Service Associate, Ed Lewis-Smith, this book is all about why the ego is our biggest internal opponent and how we can create our best work when we understand how to identify, acknowledge and disarm it. An uplifting read about some valuable life lessons.

 Watch: The Last Kingdom on Netflix

What? Relationship Manager, Karen Ritchie, recommends this series based on the novels by Bernard Cornwell. Set in 872 it tracks the story of the Saxons vs. the Danes. The hero of the story faces a constant battle – born a Saxon but raised a Dane – he faces a test of loyalty as the Danes seek to take control of the Kingdom of Wessex.

 Watch: The Last Dance on Netflix

What? I’ve been watching a sports documentary about the career of Michael Jordan, in particular his last season, featuring exclusive behind the scenes footage from his time with the Chicago Bulls.

 Watch: Normal People on BBC iPlayer

What? Another one from Karen – people up and down the country have been raving about this series since its recent release. It follows two people from the same small town in Ireland and shares their story as they weave in out of each other’s lives.

 Watch: National Theatre performances on YouTube

What? Compliance Manager, Carolyn Talkes-Nicholls, has been enjoying the delights of the theatre from the sofa! Free full length plays available to watch every Thursday – you can visit their website for the back catalogue. Favourites within the team include Jane Eyre and Frankenstein.

 Watch: Ozark on Netflix

What? Another suggestion from Codie, this one is all about a financial adviser (now you know why it caught our eye!) who drags his family from one side of the country to the other after getting mixed up in a world of money laundering and drugs (not the way we usually see ourselves depicted on screen we will admit!).

 Watch: Gangs of London on Sky Atlantic

What? Head of Advice, Ewan Rosie, recommends this one! The story of London being torn apart by international gangs and the power struggle created when the head of the most powerful crime family is assassinated. 

 Listen to: Happy Place podcast from Fearne Cotton

What? Marketing Manager, Emily Baker-Gaunt, listens to this series from Fearne Cotton as she chats to inspiring people who’ve overcome challenges, made changes in their lives or found a different way of looking at things – all in pursuit of happiness. It’s great for unlocking clarity when life gets on top of you.

 Listen to: That Peter Crouch podcast

What? Ewan also suggests this podcast all about how to be a professional footballer – with everything from where to sit on the team bus to footballer confessions with Peter Crouch, Tom Fordyce and Chris Stark. 

 Listen to: Under the Skin from Russell Brand

What? Emily also suggests this podcast that explores what’s underneath the surface of ideas that define our time, human behaviour, the way we live and the choices people make. Often interviewing people from the academic world, Brand brings these deep subjects to life by offering his own thoughts alongside his usual humour.

A more lighthearted blog for you all this week but we’re still here to talk about any questions or concerns you may be having at this challenging time. Just reach out to us if you’d like to chat anything through.

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