Apr 5, 2019 | STEPHEN JONES

Green is the word!

At Cooper Parry Wealth we pride ourselves on many things. The industry awards we’ve won, our unique, client centric proposition and an investment approach that’s based on Nobel Prize-winning theory.

But in 2019 we’re adding something new to that list – we’ve gone green.

“How?” we hear you asking! By ripping up the rule book and not for the first time either!

As a result, we’ve got a new way of presenting our financial plans that’s easy to digest, quick to read and, most importantly, equally as informative as its lengthy predecessor. All on one piece of paper.

We’re now saving 3 whole trees worth of paper every single year!

Obviously, we’re very proud to be able to help the environment but we’re thrilled that it’s happened as a result of prioritising our client focussed proposition – to help you ‘make life count’.

‘Make life count’ is our driving force, it’s what we encourage clients to do.

Whether it’s supporting your children’s education, planning the holiday of a lifetime or simply seeking peace of mind – whatever ‘make life count’ means to you, we want to help you live it.

To achieve this, you shouldn’t have to read extensive reports to get a grip on your investments and current financial situation – we do the same work and research in the background, but the end result is about you!

All of our clients will be introduced to this approach at meetings over the coming months – we’re excited to share this with them and explain the numerous benefits.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our new green initiative, get in touch.


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