Aug 28, 2020 | EWAN ROSIE

Introducing myCPW – our new client portal

We know times are changing. We’ve talked a lot recently about the time you may have had to re-evaluate, re-focus and realign your values and goals. You also know we’re big on making life count.  

We want you to feel free to live your life the way you desire, knowing your financial situation is being taken care of. That’s why we’re launching a system which gives you access to important and useful information surrounding your finances in one place. And you can access it on-the-go, whenever you like.  

What does it do? 

myCPW is a clean and simple interface available on your desktop, tablet or phone. It gives you the ability to: 

View details of your assets and liabilities with up-to-date valuations 

Digitally sign documents to agree to our advice  

Message your team and share documents securely 

View your latest Progress reports and financial planning documents 

Store your other important documents such as Wills, Trust deeds, ID or insurance policies to the ‘Vault’  

The portal is built on the same system that we’ve trusted for years to hold all of our client data. It’s an industry favourite thats used by firms like ours worldwide. When using the portal youre simply seeing the data and documents we already store within that system to allow us to advise you. If you’d like more information on the security aspects, just ask.   

Anything more to come? 

The portal is being invested in and improved all the time. In the future even more functionality will be added including: 

Pre-annual progress meeting review – a questionnaire completed through the portal giving the opportunity to update us with any changes to your circumstances since we last met 

The myCPW app – giving you an even better experience on your Apple or Android device  

Open banking – the ability to link your bank account directly to the portal with live feeds to give an even more in-depth view of your net worth 

Watch this space for more exciting developments!  

When can I get my hands on it? 

We want to ensure you get the most out of the portal and find it a useful addition to how we work together. For this reason, we’re currently rolling it out on a client by client basis. You’ll get introduced to myCPW at your next progress meeting. Once you’ve had a chance to explore, we’d love to get your feedback.  

If you have any questions about the new portal, please reach out to a member of your team or email us using the link below. 

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