The CX factor! Client experience at CPW

On Tuesday it’s Global CX day! That’s national customer/client experience day for those of us who aren’t down with the lingo.

Perhaps you’re already familiar with CX – in your work or as you go through life interacting with so many different brands on a day to day basis.

For us it’s been the backbone of our tried and tested process from the get-go – the thing that drives us.

So, ahead of Global CX day we wanted to take a moment to talk about what it means, how it’s evolving during the pandemic and how it impacts the people we work with.

What is client experience?

“The perception that customers have of an organisation – one that is formed based on interactions across all touchpoints, people, and technology over time.” – CXPA, 2020

CX covers so much more than face to face meetings. It’s the team, the physical spaces, the processes and documents we share with you, the branding you see, and the list goes on.

Why should I care about it?

Well, we’ve blogged about settling for second best before (which you can read here). We’re firm believers in making life count – not just when you’re ticking things off your bucket list, but in the day to day moments.

Just because you’re handling something you might expect to be mundane or even stressful, such as a house sale or setting up a new investment portfolio, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the experience!

How is CX shifting at CPW?

Anyone that knows our business has probably seen our relaxed office spaces – designed to have a home from home feel – we’re talking coffee machines and sofas not grey walls and office chairs.

We will always be proud of those spaces and enjoy sharing them with our clients.

But when the national lockdown began back in March, we switched to an entirely virtual meeting process. We found that opening this window into each other’s homes at such a challenging time actually helped build rapport – pets jumping on calls and interruptions from the postie included!

It really put the emphasis on our people and the relationships we build with clients.

Here’s what our CEO, Stephen Jones, thinks:

“There’s so much change to have come out of the last few months and I’m adamant that the positives will be permanent.

We strive to help people make the most of their time in everything we do. Sitting on the M1 in traffic on the way to see us for a meeting doesn’t feel like a good use of precious minutes to me.

That’s why we’re exploring how we can make digital meetings exceed expectations. From ensuring the team are fully equipped, to changing up our presentations and processes to suit a digital way of working. Choice will always be a key factor of course, what our clients need from us comes first.

Making our mark on the world in a positive way is really important to us and we can do that by being more environmentally friendly – less travel and reducing how much paper we use for example.”

Will it affect me?

If you’re a client, it already has, and we thank you for your willingness to adapt! If you’re not, we’re sure your interaction with other professional firms will have changed in recent months.

For us it will always be about choice and putting what you want at the heart of our decisions.

So, we’re looking forward to finding out what you think and pulling together as a community to carve out the new normal for CX at CPW. Watch this space.

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